Wednesday, March 08, 2006



Download WMIDiag

"WMIDiag.vbs is a VBScript script designed to help you ascertain the current state of the WMI service on a computer. The download package includes the utility itself, a ReadMe file that discusses how the tool works (and how to best use it), and sample spreadsheets that provide information about the default WMI configuration on various versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system."

Written by Alain Lissoir of the WMI team at Microsoft, this is a fantastic tool for troubleshooting WMI issues. It's a first attempt at the tool and they plan on continually improving the product in the future.

Alain presented a webcast today on WMIDiag, it should be available in the next few days for offline viewing.

One thing that came up during the webcast: they encourage those who use it, especially when deployed via SMS, to send the results to so that they can parse the logs and improve the product. Fortunately this functionality is built-in to the tool via two switches.

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