Wednesday, April 26, 2006


70-089 Passed

I'm now certified to do what it is that I do. I just passed Microsoft certification exam 70-089: Planning, Deploying, and Managing Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003. My score (810) wasn't as high as I would have liked, but considering I didn't study much, and it's a passing grade, I'm not complaining.

Next up...? With the second-chance offer from Microsoft, I'd like to have that safety net to tackle the others to get my MCSA, but I know I'll have to study more for some of those, and free time is not currently abundant. But maybe I'll just pull the trigger like I did with this one and hope for the best....

Congrats, dude!

You definitely could pass 3 other exams and get your MCSA without much studying at all.
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