Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Password Change Errors

I changed my password today. And then promptly forgot it. It was obivously too complicated, because after a meeting, I could not unlock my Win2k workstation. So I asked a fellow admin to reset my password; he did not set "must change password at next logon." So When I went to manually change my password, I received the "your password is not complex" message. I tried a variety of complex passwords, including

(Prohe, can you figure out the source of this?)

4 of 4 by 9, no part of my name, not similar to a previously used password. WTF?

It turns out, policy has a two day password maximum. SO WHY DIDN'T THE ERROR MESSAGE SAY SO! Comma DAMNIT!


Prohe, here's a hint: WuiAccountCreator :)

I was able to guess the origin of that password even before your hint at the end... does that make me pathetic? :-)
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