Friday, September 15, 2006


Disorganized Racks

If you have a network rack that looks like this:

Why would you proudly show it to potential customers?

The above image is actually nicer than one I saw yesterday. A group of us visited a site with whom we may do business, and they showed us the "LAN room" which was secured only by a key (weak authentication, no authorization, no auditing), had no environmental controls, was also filled with eletrical conduit, had other customer devices (lots of Linksys) some of which were literally hanging by a thread, and such a rats nest of cables it would take hours to figure out what's what. And they expect us to add our equipment into a space like this? Yeesh....

Nice triple-A reference (authentication, authorization, accounting/auditing).

One reason folks might want to show off that tangle of wires is to suggest that their services/network are incredibly complex, and therefore, the people who support it must be highly intelligent. In their case, intelligence is likely indirectly proportional to laziness.
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