Monday, October 16, 2006


Citrix PS Install: Resolution or Local Admin?

I'm installing Citrix Presentation Server 4 Enterprise Edition on another system tonight (having some performance issues!) and received the following error both during PS setup and PS Console setup:
The management console for MetaFrame XP requires a minimum screen resolution of 800 x 600
Wa-huh? Okay, fine - I was logged in remotely with the RDP session at 1280x768, but resized so that I could see my install guide at the same time, so maybe the installer is smart enough to know the actual size of the RDP window? (I thought it a bit extreme, because I don't think the server knows if you resize the RDP window - the session resoution doesn't change.) So I logged off and reconnected specifically at 800x600 - same. Tried it with the /console trick - same. WTF?!? Assuming I'm doing something stupid, I searched Citrix Support - nada. Not surprising, the interface is hard to navigate, so I go to Google - nada! Nada? WTF!?!? So now I'm really freaking out. Why have I never seen this before? Why has no one ever seen this before?!?

At this point I just happen to notice the first line of this section of my install guide:
1. Logon as the local Administrator.
I logoff and then logon as the local administrator account - the install procedes without a hitch. Brilliant. Two of my biggest annoyances bundled up into one: software that requires THE local admin account context, and errors that have nothing to do with the issue at hand.

[grumble...] Not very happy with Citrix right now....

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