Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Invalid State

A quick adventure in Aaron the dumbass:

I'm requesting an SSL certificate. I make the request on the server (IIS6), and plug in the information on Verisign's website. The result: "Error 950b - Invalid State." I tried several variations on a theme and get the same result - invalid state. I interpret this error as the certificate has an invalid "condition..., as with respect to circumstances or attributes."* So I dig through Verisign's knowledge base to find that I have to spell out Maryland, not use MD. I go back through the process, and then notice the blurb on the Geographical Information pane: "State/province and City/locality must be complete, official names and may not contain abbreviations." I also double-check my documentation: Maryland.

After I got over my stupidness, I thought it was amusing that I assumed one definition of the word state, instead of "a politically unified people occupying a definite territory"* as Verisign intended.

* All definitions courtesy of Dictionary.com

Strange. I first interpreted state to mean "a condition or stage in the physical being of something, as in the gaseous state of water" [m-w.com].

I would have replaced "MD" with "solid." Glad I wasn't requesting the cert. ;-)
TY for posting this. Saved me a headache.
I too jumped to the conclusion that they meant an "invalid state [of being]" rather than the "invalid [united] state". Googled and found your blog and it helped me avoid pulling my hair out for hours! THANKS!!
HA this exact same thing happened to me! I got so frustrated I brought a security team member in to look and she didnt understand it either looking at the CSR and my info only for in my frustration look up the code and after the 4th time reading it realizing they meant STATE (location) not STATE condition of a server/service.
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