Friday, January 26, 2007


DST 2007

Why did this sneak up on everyone? Cisco just released info on this a few days ago, and Microsoft still doesn't have all of the updates/tools available. I don't know about other vendors, but why did these two biggees wait until a few weeks before the change to make this information available? The law was passed in 2005!
Cisco's page
Microsoft's page

And even more interesting (to me) is that the media hasn't picked this up. Yet....

I knew I remembered reading someone posting about DST woes. I posted something on my personal blog about this today, and forgot to check your professional blog.

There's some fun for Exchange admins which requires reading and following Microsoft's documentation precisely before applying any patches, and then apply them in a very specific order... unfortunately, their documentation was released AFTER they began releasing some of the patches, so patches went out in the incorrect order, and now our wonderful organization is screwed. We'll almost certainly have some people with incorrect appointment times for a few weeks. Oh well! :-)
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