Friday, January 12, 2007



I'm attempting to coin a new acronym for "in the event of a disaster."

If I had a dime (IIHAD?) for each time I've used that phrase in the past two months, I'd probably have a few dollars. But I've used it a lot!

I'm working on a disaster recovery plan and seem to start every question, every paragraph, and every comment with this phrase. So in an attempt to save a few keystrokes, I'm going to try to start using this acronym.

I think I'm pioneering new ground with this one. The full phrase "in the event of a disaster" yields about 484,000 hits on Google, whereas the acronym ITEOAD yields a meager 14, none of which have to do with disaster recovery planning.

I probably won't call my buddy at PTO, but let me know if you start hearing this term used. If anything this will be an interesting test of the origin of a term. :)

Odd, I thought ITEOAD stood for "in the event of acronym dependencies"... ;-)
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